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Passing on our knowledge 🧐

Over the years, we have been grateful to have numerous mentors giving guidance to us, helping us to grow and shielding us from deadly mistakes.

To continue what our mentors have done for us, we want to pass on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated throughout our business careers, and we do this by always sharing with founders what we have learned from the mistakes and successes from businesses that we have invested in, as well as the ones that we have missed.

We hope to help and remind the founders as well as ourselves to avoid making the same mistakes twice, or even better to avoid them at the very first place 🧐🧐.

Sign up for our ZB.Pitch workshop ( and we will help you, one-on-one, to fine tune your pitch deck and presentation 📈📊. We have recently assisted another startup, Vechnology, to refine their pitching materials to expedite their fundraising journey! 😎😎💪💪

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