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"We are a business investor, and through our “investment + service” model, we target at businesses that have sensible business models and sustainable growth potentials."

Over the years, ZB Capital has been working with numerous regional entrepreneurs, family offices, industrial investors, business operators, as well as professional parties to co-invest in growth-stage companies and businesses. Our portfolio companies are from all around the globe including China, Southeast Asia and North America. They cover a broad range of industries including AI, robotic automation, agri-tech, IoT, advanced manufacturing, and consumer goods. Our primary objective is to focus on both the new demand created by the applications of the latest technologies, and the potential improvement in efficiency in traditional industries through technological upgrades.


Our founding and execution teams, along with our advisory committee, come from a diversified background and have rich experiences in handling cross-broader transactions. We maintain the greatest level of flexibility in dealing with the local business culture and regulations, and we are always very thoughtful on connecting the resources from different regions in order to create the best synergies as well as business opportunities.

We go deep into the fundamentals of the business and its market potential when evaluating any investment opportunities. At the same time, we apply a stringent internal process during the due diligence stage to validate the business itself.  For post-investment management, we spend a lot of resources to follow up with the development plan of each business so that we are aware of the latest status of each portfolio company in order to protect our capital.

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