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How are we different from typical VCs? 🔍

The typical early-stage VC model ---> Has a finite fund life and pressure to achieve first-quartile return, which in turn forces the managers to focus all efforts on <5% of their portfolios with the potential to achieve that >50x-100x grand slam returns.

Our principal model ---> ZB partners invest a large chunk of our personal wealth into the firm’s portfolios, so that we definitely:

  1. Think LONG-TERM and try to use the best of our collective cross-border and cross-industry business knowledge and experience to IDENTIFY the most promising businesses and teams;

  2. Demonstrate our interest alignment as well as commitment to the founders in supporting EVERY BUSINESS from start to finish (investment ---> post-deal management ---> going public/exit); and

  3. Have the FLEXIBLITY to enjoy the long-term growth of the businesses!

Sign up for our ZB.Connect 1-on-1 online networking sessions ( ) being held every Thursday and Friday. We want to hear your brilliant business ideas, and try to help you grow in areas including fund raising, scaling up, or even business crossover!! So pick a timeslot and book your session below, and let's CONNECT! 😎😎💪💪

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