Growth partner for startups in Asia

Founded in 2012, ZB Capital is an independent principal investment firm, providing growth capital and strategic corporate advices to our portfolio companies. We aim to create a sustainable ecosystem for entrepreneurs, family offices and investment professionals across regions. 
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Startups in Asia
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Digital Transformation
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Investment + Service Model

We are a business investor, and through our "investment + service" model, we target at businesses that have sensible business models and sustainable growth potentials.  Our core investment value is based on our long-term and objective approach in analyzing the targeted businesses, and on top we also try to develop a proprietary network of business and investment partners across different industries and regions in order to identify promising businesses.  In the post-investment stage, we intend to facilitate the growth of the invested businesses through our partners network, with the ultimate goal of allowing all parties including the business, its founders as well as our partners to benefit and gain from such growth.

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